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Sarnia Produce Inc. - Your Trusted Wholesale Supplier For Over 40 Years!

Freshness is Our Tradition

Throughout the years Sarnia Produce has become the leading supplier of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in the Lambton County area. 

The company services numerous restaurants, stores, institutions, franchises, casinos and other related businesses in the area. It has achieved a customer base of over 400 accounts with more being added yearly. 

Truckloads of fresh produce arrive daily ensuring that our customers receive the best possible product with a huge selection to choose from. Our warehouse offers four climate controlled refrigerated coolers allowing optimum storage to maintain freshness. Inventory is constantly rotated and turned over while carefully being monitored by our expert staff. If its not fresh we won't ship it out! We are currently incorporating a new inventory software (Waudware - PICS) which is specifically designed for the produce industry. This will allow us to overlook all incoming and outgoing produce even more precisely.

The company retains its family tradition overlooking all daily operations of the business.  It constantly strives for total customer satisfaction concentrating  on quality and service.

Service is the key at Sarnia Produce.

We offer 'free delivery' six days a week (Monday through Saturday) in the Lambton County and surrounding areas.  Orders can be placed 24 hrs. daily through our order desk by phone, fax, e-mail or website. Express delivery is also offered when it just has to be there on time!

Your Community Produce Store

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