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Clementine tangerines are petite, bright orange in appearance with a glossy, leathery peel rich with essential oils. They are approximately 5 to 8 centimeters in diameter. When punctured or zested the peel reveals bright citrus aromatics. The skin clings loosely to its segmented flesh allowing for easy peeling.

Tangerines - Clementines

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  • Origin - 2lb Bag USA

    Clementine tangerine's balance of sweetness and acidity make them suitable for eating fresh and for use in cooked preparations. Add whole segments to cakes and salads, or juice for frozen desserts, cocktails, or vinaigrettes. Pair fresh segments with olives, honey, peppery greens, avocado, citrus and seafood. Use Clementine tangerine fruit, zest and juice in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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