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Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder the papaya was reputably called the "fruit of the angels" by Christopher Columbus. Once considered quite exotic, they can now be found in markets throughout the year. Papayas are spherical or pear-shaped fruits that can be as long as 20 inches. Their flesh is a rich orange color with either yellow or pink hues. Inside the inner cavity of the fruit are black, round seeds encased in a gelatinous-like substance. Papaya's seeds are edible, although their peppery flavor is somewhat bitter.


  • Delicious and Loaded With Nutrients. Papaya is the fruit of the Carica papaya plant.
  • Has Powerful Antioxidant Effects.
  • Has Anticancer Properties. 
  • May Improve Heart Health. 
  • May Fight Inflammation. 
  • May Improve Digestion. 
  • Protects Against Skin Damage. 
  • Delicious and Versatile.


Papaya - Jumbo

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