This super-sized box would contain all seasonal fresh products of the Family Box (10lb potatoes, 2lb cooking onions, 2lb carrots, 3lb seasonal apples, 1 quart fresh strawberries, 1 iceberg lettuce, 1 cucumber, 1 8oz package of whole white mushrooms, 1 pint of grape/cherry tomatoes, 3lb bananas, a package of 4 mixed colored  peppers, 1 green/yellow zucchini, 4 seedless oranges, 4 seasonal fruit (peach, plum, nectarine), 1 head of broccoli and a jumb lemon) paired with a stock of celery, an 8oz clam of baby spinach, a 3-pack romaine heart pack and a full cantaloupe.  This wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is a value-added treat that goes a long way.   

Mega Produce Box


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