Do you want to cook Italian for the Family but don't want to shop for the products?

NOW your in Luck!  Simply purchase the "Italian Pantry Box" for all your required necessities.

VALUE PACKED with Quality Items.  Just check out what you get for $30.00:


Italian Pantry Box Contents:

I Litre Jar Passada Italian Sauce

2 bags 1lb Pasta

1 Litre Bottle "Borrelli" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 cans 28oz "Borrelli" Italian Peeled Tomatoes

1 can Sliced Green or Black Olives (14oz)

1 can "Borrelli" Pomodorini Cherry Tomatoes (14oz)

1 package Fresh Gnocchi

1 can Mushrooms -Pieces and Stems (5.5oz)

1 can "Borrelli" Pizza Sauce (15oz)

1 jar Minced Garlic (125g)

1 can "Borrelli" Tomato Paste (6oz)

1 bag Italian Potato Chips BBQ 

1 package Treccine (Braided) Bread Sticks !


Start Cooking Now!   Viva Italia!!


Italian Pantry Box

C$39.99 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price

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