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If your customers can take the heat, there’s nothing better than our hot pickled pepper rings to add pizzazz to your menu. An extremely versatile product, these pepper treats are highly effective in zinging up a range of popular foods. If fast food is your business, you’ll love their simplicity:

  • Decorate your hot dogs.

  • Pile on top for a Big Pepper burger.

  • Meltingly good with cheeseburgers.

  • Yummy with a BLT sandwich.

  • Slip inside a melted cheese toasty.

  • Pep up the cheese and tomato on a margherita pizza.

They can be eaten straight from the jar for customers who like their food to pack a punch! Pickled peppers are also creeping into the menus of eating establishments around the country, leaving plenty of scope to experiment.

Lakeside Hot Pickled Pepper Rings

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