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Tantalize your Taste buds with: "The Fresh Sensation Produce Box"

A Quality, value packed produce box jammed with wholesome fresh fruits and vegetables! A $69.99 box on Sale now for only $45.00!


Fresh Sensation box contents:


1 bag 10lb Russet OR Yukon gold Potatoes

1 package 1lb Mini Carrots

1 each Jumbo Sweet Spanish Onion

1 each Celery

1 each English cucumber

1 package 5oz Spring Mix (Mesculine Mix)

1 each Cauliflower

1 each Broccoli

1 each Iceberg Lettuce / Boston Lettuce

1 cluster (4 or 5) On the Vine tomatoes

1 each Green zucchini

1 bag 3lb Ontario Apples (Ida Reds)

1 bag 2lb Seedless clementines

1 bag 3lb Seedless Sunkist Oranges

1  pack  Assorted sweet Bell Peppers (3 or 4)



15 items


***** contents may vary slightly due to availablilty of products*****




Fresh Sensation Produce Box

C$69.99 Regular Price
C$45.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
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