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Load up on Fresh Veggies at a Bargain Price. Order your Fresh Veggie Box today - loaded with value, quality and great selection. Boxes are assembled as per order.


$35.00 Fresh Veggie Box Contents:


1 bag 10lb Russet Potatoes

1 bag 2lb Ontario cooking Onions

1 bag 1lb Mini Carrots

1 each Jumbo Broccoli

1 each Large Cauliflower

1 each Stalk of Celery

1 bag 1lb Coleslaw

1 each English Cucumbers

1 each Iceberg Lettuce

1 package 8oz Mushrooms

1 each Green Onion

1 each Red Bell Pepper

1 pint cup Grape Tomatoes

1 each Spanish Sweet Onion



*** Items subject to availability and market pricing***




$35.00 Fresh Veggie Box

Excluding GST/HST
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