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The $45.00 Fresh Assorted Produce Box contains a value-added variety of staple items, based on seasonal and availability constraints. GREAT VALUE !!  Save today 


Fresh $45.00 Produce Box Contents:


1 bag 10lb Ontario Russet Potatoes
1 bag 2lb Ontario Carrots
1 bag 3lb Ontario Sweet Apples

1 package 3 count Romaine Hearts

1 each Large English Cucumbers

1 bag 3lb Seedless Navel Oranges (California Sunkist)

1 bunch Jumbo Broccoli

1 each Large Red Onions

1 each Fresh Lemon

1 each Fresh Lime

1 each Fresh Jumbo Cauliflower

4 each Bananas

1 Dozen Ontario Fresh Large White Eggs


*** Items subject to availability and market pricing***


Save today and feed the family fresh wholesome produce for only $45.00!!

Sarnia Produce - A Tradition of Freshness!

YOUR Community Produce Store!

$45 Fresh Produce Box

Excluding GST/HST
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