Idared apples grow on slightly small trees, which are nonetheless good fruit producers. The apples themselves are medium in size and generally round, with a layer bright red over a green-red background. The flesh is yellowish-green, although sometimes a faint pink tinge can be detected. They are both sweet and tart, juicy yet crisp and firm. The best fruits have a sprightly, aromatic, and refreshing flavor, although some may lack strong flavor.

Ida Red - Apples

  • Origin - Canada

    This apple is famous for its excellent cooking and baking qualities. Idareds are particularly good for baked apples, since they hold their shape when cooked. They can also be used to make naturally pink applesauce if the skins are left on. Don’t limit them to cooking, however, since they are also good apples to eat fresh as is or in salads. They pair well with strong, soft cheeses such as Roquefort and other blue cheese. Idared apples are a wonderful storage variety; under proper cool, dry conditions, they can keep for several months.

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